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Partnership Disclosure
We might be compensated by one of our IRA partners for an account you open through our platform. This helps us keep the service free, but it never impacts the fees you’ll pay on your new account. We only win if you do, and our job is to help you simplify your retirement accounts. We also help people who already have an IRA account even though we receive no compensation in these situations—because it’s just the right thing to do!

Betterment IRA Review


• Easy-to-use, low-fee IRA managed for you.
• Access to a human advisor for an extra fee.
• Offers other financial products like a debit card.


• Limited ability to influence the portfolio they create for you.
• No physical branches for those who like that.

Ready to take control of your assets?
Capitalize helps you consolidate your old 401(k)s by rolling them into an IRA of your choosing. Use an existing IRA if you have one, or we’ll help you open one if you don’t.