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Why move your old 401(k)?
After you change jobs, your employer-provided 401(k) can sit there forgotten, often accruing fees. A rollover moves your money into your own account, so you can easily keep track of your assets.
Your new IRA
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Why move your old 401(k)?
After you change jobs, your employer-provided 401(k) can sit there forgotten, often accruing fees. A rollover moves your money into your own account, so you can easily keep track of your assets.
Your new IRA
Charles Schwab
Your old employer provided
Where can you move it?
For many people, moving to an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is the best choice. If you don't have one yet, we'll walk you through all the options and get you set up.
Why not just roll over into a new 401(k)?
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While that’s an option, more people roll over into an IRA. An IRA is simpler to manage: you can open one on your own, and it isn’t tied to an employer. It also means that you get to pick an IRA provider that has low fees and suits your needs. Using an IRA for your rollover doesn’t stop you from contributing to a new 401(k) at work and getting any matching benefits on contributions you make while working there.
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We do all the hard work, for free.
Rollovers can be a pain. We’re experts on retirement accounts and offer unbiased help. We’ll coordinate with your old 401(k) provider to process the transfer, for free.
How is Capitalize free?
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If you choose to open an IRA on our platform we might get compensated by the provider. We never let that get in the way of you finding your best option.
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Move your 401(k) into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at leading providers.
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What can we help with?

We’re experts on the rollover process and how to move your retirement assets.

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We can also help you...
Figure out your options
Open a new IRA
Rollover into your existing IRA
Locate any missing 401(k)s
Handle multiple 401(k)s at once
Our customers love us.
Photo of Rahul D.
“I probably would have never done my rollovers if Capitalize didn't exist. The high-touch service and personalized guidance has been wonderful. I've never experienced that from a financial institution before. Overall, this was a stellar experience, probably one of the best I've had with any service provider ever.”
— Rahul D.
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“I had tried to rollover my 401(k) to a Roth IRA previously but got lost in the process. I found it so confusing and wished I had a service to guide me—then I found Capitalize and it was like my prayer had been answered!”
— Milan M.
Photo of Jordan N.
“I’d tried to do a rollover on my own a couple of times and got frustrated not having my passwords and getting the run-around from my old 401(k) provider. Capitalize did it for me and eliminated all the stress. It felt like they made me thousands of dollars.”
— Jordan N.
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“I have always wanted to consolidate my 401(k) accounts from past employers into a single IRA, but the requirement of contacting the previous plan administrators seemed so burdensome. Capitalize manages that process for you, guiding you every step of the way. Mission accomplished!”
— Michael
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“I'm a pretty typical Millennial, having moved jobs every few years. By the time I turned 30, I had 4 different 401(k)s floating around. I may have never consolidated my 401(k)s without Capitalize. They made it quick, easy and super stress-free. Highly recommend!”
— Amy B.
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“I had a 401(k) that I had forgotten about because I opened it many years ago. The excellent team at Capitalize helped me unearth the original company that had managed the fund. They provided all of the necessary connection points to make this process easy.”
— Dmitri
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“I pushed off handling my IRA rollover for years because every time I tried, there were so many roadblocks and confusing steps that I would pretty quickly lose motivation. Capitalize was EXACTLY what I needed. The team was knowledgable and great to work with.”
— Lindsey S.
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“Capitalize was a lifesaver. I needed to update my 401(k) information in the midst of changing jobs and it felt like a to-do list item I would never get to. It was super simple to have everything planned and moved for me.”
— Eliza E.
We take care of it all on your behalf.
Goodbye paperwork, phone calls, faxes, and being on hold. Our concierge team handles all of the messy administrative work for you.
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Things happen, we get it. That's why we're here to speak by e-mail, chat and phone for those times you want to talk to a human.
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Brush up on the lingo
It's okay, no one else remembers the difference between a "Traditional" and a "Roth" 401(k) either.
What is a rollover?
It’s the technical term for the money you transfer from a 401(k) to another retirement account, like an IRA. It’s what most people choose to do with the money they’ve saved in their 401(k) account when leaving a job. A rollover is different to a withdrawal, which is when you pull your money out of a 401(k) and pay taxes on it. A rollover is tax-free because your money stays in a retirement account.
What's the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA?

Both a 401(k) and IRA (Individual Retirement Account) are retirement accounts that help you save money in a tax-efficient way. But there are 3 key differences:

  1. A 401(k) is provided by an employer whereas an IRA is something that you open on your own at any time (that’s why it’s an individual retirement account).
  2. A 401(k) is generally used to make new contributions while an IRA is more often used to transfer 401(k) savings into when you leave a job.
  3. You lose the ability to contribute to an old 401(k) when you leave your job and it can sometimes be transferred without your consent by your old employer. That can never happen with an IRA since it’s fully controlled by you and in your name.
What if I have a 403(b) instead of a 401(k)?
We can help with 403(b) accounts as well! Our process is the same since they’re very similar to 401(k) accounts.
Do you help with Roth 401(k)s too?
Yes, we do. If you have a Roth 401(k) we’ll help roll it over it into a Roth IRA so that you keep the same tax benefits.
What's the difference between Traditional and Roth accounts?

The difference between Traditional and Roth accounts comes down to when you pay taxes on your money. In a Traditional account, your ongoing contributions (savings) are made before tax. For example, money going into a traditional 401(k) gets taken out of your paycheck before you pay taxes on it. That money grows over time as the investments in your 401(k) increase in value. You’ll eventually pay taxes on it when you start withdrawing it at retirement.

The opposite is true with a Roth account. Your initial contributions are made after-tax. But since you’ve paid tax up-front you don’t have to pay any tax when you start withdrawing assets at retirement.

Think of a Traditional as a tax-me-later account whereas a Roth is a tax-me-now account.

Can you rollover multiple 401(k)s?
Absolutely, and it’s generally a good thing to do. One of the problems with keeping multiple 401(k)s is that you’ll have different fees and investment options in each. It’s also harder to keep track of. Consolidating into a single IRA makes it much easier to monitor your savings and make sure your fees and investments are appropriate.
How does Capitalize do this for free?
In order to provide a free service to our users we have partnership agreements with IRA providers who pay us a referral fee if you choose to open an account through us. But our job is to help you simplify your retirement accounts and we only win if you do. We also help people who already have an IRA account even though we receive no compensation in these situations — because it’s just the right thing to do.
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